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Technical Info about Degaussing (Erasing) Magnetic Media

What is Degaussing?
dE-'gaus : to remove or neutralize the magnetic field of - de•gauss•er, noun

There are typically two ways to make sure data on tape cannot be recovered. One is to degauss the media and the other is to re-write over the existing data, full length, and every bit position. Degaussing is a process that reverses the polarity of the magnetic particles. This process erases data and servo tracks, in the event the tapes being erased use servo track technology. Media products such as 3480, 3490e, DLT, SDLT can be degaussed and the media reused. However, 3590, LTO, 9840 and 9940 cartridges cannot be degaussed without destroying the servo track(s). For these media types Recertification requires data destruction using modern methods which do not destroy the servo tracks. See technical information below

Your media needs to go through degaussing or data eradication before disposal.
Do not just throw them away. Data should be destroyed for many reasons:

Is my data SAFE??

All data is destroyed using cartridge and drive manufacturer approved processes prior to ever being read or written to. This insures the security and confidentiality of the data. Data Destruction Certificates and Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreements are available at no charge. We guarantee the security and confidentiality of your data. We handle tens of thousands of pieces of media each month.
Conforming to new laws and regulations:
Degaussing magnetic media (specifically magnetic tape media) is the approved method of data destruction. Re-formatting your tapes is not good enough.

>>>BE AWARE! Some magnetic media CANNOT be degaussed.<<<
Click here: DOWNLOAD Fujifilm’s report on DEGAUSSING

Why do most companies not degauss their own media?

MONEY! Most companies do not want the added cost of expensive equipment and additional labor costs to degauss their own media. By handling thousands of pieces each month, we are able to provide an easy and economical way for companies to reduce costs and increase their backup performance

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