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    T-10000 Tapes – Premium pricing now being offered by WeBuy (T-10K)

    By Norm, September 20th 2010

    High Priority!!  We need to purchase new and USED T10000 data tapes. All types and capacities (T10K). Our demand is exceeding our supply. We offer top dollar, pay cash, and pay FAST. Contact us for a no obligation, confidential offer now:

    Part Number Manufacturer Description

    • 003-0519-01 SUN Storagetek 1/2 inch T-10000 Titanium Tape 500GB/1TB
    • 003-3907-01 SUN Storagetek 1/2 inch T-10000 Titanium Volsafe Tape 500GB/1TB
    • 003-0742-01 SUN Storagetek 1/2 inch T-10000 Titanium Tape Labeled 500GB/1TB
    • 003-0758-01 SUN Storagetek 1/2 inch T-10000 Titanium Tape Labeled and Initialized 500GB/1TB
    • 003-0520-01 SUN Storagetek 1/2 inch T-10000 Titanium Sport Tape 120/240GB
    • 003-3913-01 SUN Storagetek 1/2 inch T-10000 Titanium Volsafe Sport Tape 120/240GB
    • 003-3827-01 SUN Storagetek 1/2 inch T-10000 Cleaning Cartridge  New Only

    MANUFACTURER:  Sun Storagetek
    FORMAT:  T10K / T10000

    Can a data cartridge help you grapple with data growth, security, manageability, and cost? With 1 TB capacity, the Sun StorageTek T10000 data cartridge lets you store more data in the same footprint. It`s the perfect solution for mission-critical, high-volume backup, archiving, and disaster recovery applications.

    Designed for Sun StorageTek T10000B tape drives
    Stores up to 1 TB of uncompressed data per standard cartridge
    SafeGuide system and unique design extend media durability
    High performance read and write, search, and rewind speeds
    Optional VolSafe secure media technology cartridge
    Optional 240 GB Sport cartridge 30-year archival life

    Key Applications:  High volume backup,  Long-life archives,  Disaster recovery

    Features and Benefits:
    No need to worry about data security with the Sun StorageTek T10000 Data Cartridge. Its unique SafeGuide system is designed with a unique hub lock that stabilizes media within the cartridge shell, extends tape durability, and enhances your data protection. Additionally, Sun offers a T10000 VolSafe secure media technology cartridge and a 240 capacity Sport cartridge.

    Key Benefits:   Saves space,  Saves money,  Extends media life,  A long term solution,  Save valuable floor space
    As your storage needs grow, it`s good to be using a space-saving solution. You can store up to one terabyte of compressed data or 1 TB of uncompressed data per standard cartridge. A 240 Sport cartridge is also available to save money on smaller jobs.

    Reduce costs
    High capacity and a superior design work together to help you minimize tape mounts and improve your automation efficiency. This low-cost-per-gigabyte, high-end, half-inch storage medium is the best solution for bringing more cost efficiency to your Sun StorageTek T10000B tape drives.

    Extend media durability
    A well-designed data cartridge can lengthen the life of the tape and provide better data protection. The Sun StorageTek T10000 data cartridge`s unique hub-lock design and SafeGuide system do both.

    Protect your storage investments
    Sun StorageTek T10000B tape drives enable you to reformat and reuse your T10000 cartridges to take advantage of their capacity and throughput improvements.

    Boost confidence in business critical applications
    When it comes to data backup and restore, archiving, and disaster recovery operations, you want everything to run smooth. You don`t need to hear bad news about your tape media. This advanced, long-life, high-capacity, performance-tested tape cartridge is a big step in the right direction. For high security applications, you can use the VolSafe secure media technology cartridge.

    Formulation: Advanced Metal Particle (AMP)
    Tape length and thickness: 3008.5 ft (917 m) and 6.5 microns
    Substrate: Polyethylene Naphthalate (PEN)
    Track-following Servo: Factory pre-recorded
    Full File Passes:
    24 (T10000)
    36 (T10000B)
    Capacity, native (uncompressed):
    500 GB (T10000), 1 TB (T10000B)
    120 GB (T10000), 240 GB (T10000B) Sport cartridge
    Supported tape drives: T10000B
    Number of tracks:
    768 (T10000)
    1152 (T10000B)
    Form Factor: Half-inch, 3480/3490E

    Archival life: 30 years
    Uncorrected bit error rate: 1×10-19
    Loads/unloads: 15,000

    Height: 1.0 in. (2.54 cm)
    Depth: 4.92 in. (12.50 cm)
    Width: 4.29 in. (10.90 cm)
    Weight: 9.31 oz (263.9 g)
    Drop strength: 39.4 in. (1 m)