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    LTO-5 Tape Technology Greener than LTO-4 ?

    By Norm, January 24th 2011

    The volume of corporate databases is continuously increasing due to the rapid growth in structured & un-structured data.  Data administrators’ jobs have become tougher as they have to devise the data protection strategy in their limited budgets.  LTO Ultrium tape format is the data-intensive organizations’ first choice that is specifically engineered to satisfy the current & future storage demands.

    LTO 5 offers you a complete range of LTO-5 tape devices including backup tapes, drives, and libraries.  The LTO-5 cartridge, which is capable of recording an enormous 1.5 TB of native data.  Video professionals and customers of complex server environments, large financial databases, workgroups, government agencies and departmental servers can count on the LTO-5 Ultrium technology.

    LTO-5 tapes feature almost 100% greater recording capacity than LTO-4 tapes.  LTO-5 has added new reliable features and made significant technological advancements to enhance the output characteristics and data protection capability of its LTO5 tape devices.  LTO-5 Ultrium technology facilitates the organizations to extend their business operations and improve their operating efficiency at an economical cost.

    LTO5 drives achieve up to 140MB/s native throughput rate.  In order to provide more choice and better facilitate the customers, manufacturers have designed both half-height & full-height tape drives.  Power consumed by LTO5 drives is lesser than the LTO4 drives, which makes them more power efficient and a “greener” backup solution. Introduction of latest industry leading SAS 6 GB/s interface assists the data managers to easily incorporate the LTO-5 drives into their demanding data centers and complex server environments.

    LTO-5 drives; provide a link with the previously installed LTO backup resources.  The customers can restore their data from LTO4 and LTO-3 tapes with all models of LTO-5 drives.  Additionally, you can also write data on LTO-4 tapes.  Good news is that the half-height version of LTO-5 drives offers the HBA (host bus adapter) interface option as well.

    LTO-5 is the first version of LTO tape in which a new innovative “Media partitioning” mechanism has been introduced.  With the help of this new technology, now you make 2 partitions on a single LTO-5 cartridge.  Now the customers can easily archive and store their digital media files through audio & video broadcast applications.

    With LTO-5 technology, the users can be assured of long term protection with its exceptional hardware based data encryption mechanism. LTO 5 drives intelligently encode your sensitive data, making it sure that the data cannot be used maliciously if it is lost or stolen.  Therefore the business enterprises can easily satisfy the new demanding data legislations.

    LTO-5 drive’s “Fast sense” technology ensures unmatched data precision and consistent performance by monitoring the incoming transfer rate and accordingly adjusting the streaming speed of tape drive.  You can trust the LTO5 format for long term data security and regulatory compliance.  All product names mentioned in this article are trademarks and are sole-property of their owners.

    LTO-5 Ultrium Tape 1.5/3.0TB Storage

    Brand                                     Part Number

    Imation                                 61857

    Sony                                       LTX1500G

    Quantum                               MR-L5MQN-01

    HP                                          C7975A

    IBM                                       46X1290

    Maxell                                   229323